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Aviation Software
Flight Operations & Dispatch Emulator System. (FODES)
This FAA approved automated system enables you to quote trips, flight follow, AAMS and ACI transmissions.
Complete Flight Operations functions such as crew scheduling, MEL & CDL Maintenance, Flight Tracking, Accounting modules, CRM modules, as well as automated web quoting through Fly-A-Charter website. Automated documents such as General Declaration, Shipper Export Declaration, Air Cargo Manifest, Passenger Manifest, Airwaybills.
Automated fuel pricing import from your contract fuel providers.
TSA No-Fly list check with a click of a button.

Medical Research Software
Informatix Research Management System (IRMS)
This HIPPA compliant software will protect patient information, and allows to customize all screens and fields to be specific to your research project.
Field modification does not require a down-time, it's created on the fly, and it's accessible to all the user immediately.
This .Net based software is compatible with most of modern internet browsers. A small research project can be in production in sixty (60) days.

Vacation Rental Software
Time Share Management System (TSMS)
With this application, you will be able to buy, sell, rent and maintain all the units for multiple locations.
Automate complicated legal documents, and enable your owners to reserve and pay fees on your website.

Air Charter Mexican Customs Message Service
If you are an air charter carrier and need to transmit your cargo manifest to Mexican Customs at a low cost, click on Mexican RPC to login and manage your flights into Mexico.
If you are not currently using this system, we can set you up for a one-time fee of $500.00, and for each flight into Mexico you only pay $25.00 for non-consolidated flights.

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